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Crashing Through


Josephine Bennet flailed her arms over her head, only to find there was no oncoming fire, no rush of energy blasts or fists. She was in an alleyway, and-- Oh god, there was so much of it. She could feel that she was awash in a sea of emotions. She didn't know where Papa's powers had sent her, but it was so... so alive.  She looked herself over. Some minor lacerations, maybe a bone bruise or two, but she was alright. Mama and Papa had taken the brunt of the attacks. So where were they now?

She chewed her lip nervously, gathering her wits enough to stand up. Her legs were mostly fine, but she staggered a little. She leaned herself against a wall as she reached out carefully, finding stray mental energy in the air and plucking it loose. She felt it coalesce in her hands and become solid, fashioning herself a walking stick to lean on. She started limping her way out of the alley, towards daylight. She could hear the din of people, and some kind of convoy. It was a different kind of noise though. It didn't make sense.

Then she saw the city, and almost fell over. As she stood on the sidewalk, looking at everything in horror, she barely noticed people grumbling as they brushed past her. They were speaking English. Hadn't she just been in Paris? She knew Papa's powers had impressive range, but could she have been thrown all the way to Britain? Certainly she couldn't be back in America, could she? She stumbled down the sidewalk, still too much in shock and wonderment to try to speak to anyone, although a few tried to ask her why she was clutching a glowing rod. She felt a knot building up in her stomach. This wasn't right. This place... it was too clean. Nothing looked like it had ever been bombed or razed in any way.

Finally, she spotted a familiar symbol. A group of men standing at the brink of another alleyway, wearing FoH (Friends of Humanity) armbands. She knew that group, they were a relief agency, they directed the supply chains of medical supplies and food. She shuffled towards them, when she heard a high-pitched beeping start, and could feel something in their mental pulse change.

One of the men pulled a small device from his pocket and started looking around, before zeroing in on Josephine. "She's a mutie!"

Josephine felt the color drain from her face as she tried to hobble away from the sudden rush of bodies coming at her. She still felt too disoriented to use her powers for anything more than to keep her standing.

"Somebody help!"


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